Monday, July 26, 2010

Summertime and the livin' is easy...

Today was a good day. I figured out a bunch of the stuff I'd been stressing out about with regards to my new house, but I also got to spend all evening at my friend's pool with a bunch of her family. It turns out one of her cousins does henna and she decided to do it for anyone who wanted one, so when I've got my arm out of plastic wrap, I'll be sure to take a picture and post it. ;)

I also realized today that I'm an exceptionally good "Canadian". I'm the Canadian that doesn't say rude or descriminatory remarks to other people because I just consider it awful. I'm the one who doesn't instantly stereotype people, most especially out loud. I'm the one who takes her rights as God-given and expects everyone to do what they can to protect both their own rights and those of the people around them.

My friend's boyfriend is not that Canadian. And in a shockingly blatant way.

Maybe I'm just too strict a Canadian, but I feel really unhappy when he calls Christianity a "freakish cult" (even though I'm not religious myself). I feel embarrassed when he hears about a gang-related stabbing and immediately asks if the suspects were Somalian. And I feel flat-out irritated when he's sitting next to his girlfriend at the picnic table, eating his supper, and he asks her to leave her own dinner and go inside to get him a beer. Christians, Somalians and women weren't second-class citizens, last time I checked.

Her boyfriend aside, today was splendid. I even got to try her Grandma's famous meatballs (which, I might add, are most certainly famous for a reason).

On the "to do" list for tomorrow: buy my friend the birthday coffee I promised him...or at least make a date!


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