Tuesday, July 27, 2010

There's nothing like working up a good sweat!

So I tried out a new gym tonight. My friend has a membership and apparently they have "bring a friend for free" Tuesdays, so I gave it a go. I really enjoyed it, actually, because it's so much more straightforward than a normal gym, since there's someone there to actually explain everything. I'm allowed two more free Tuesdays before I sign up, so we'll see how it goes!

Since I'm moving on Saturday, I've been packing and packing and packing. In fact, I get together once a week with some of my girlfriends for what we call "girls' night" and this week's get-together is them coming over, having dinner with me, and then helping me pack all my crap. Today I got through the clothes, some books, my office supplies and old school binders, and my scanner. It's amazing how many boxes it takes. You really have no idea until you start trying to pack your life into them...

My friend is getting married in October and I'm making her wedding cake, which I'm thoroughly excited about. At least I think I'm making it. I e-mailed her ages ago for the go-ahead and she hasn't answered. I think she thinks that if she asks me to make it, she's inconveniencing me. It's the kind of thing she'd think because she's just so sweet. But at this point, her not answering me is what's inconveniencing me, because if I'm making this cake I need to start ordering supplies ASAP, because what she wants isn't stuff you can buy in a regular cake supplies shop. She's away until Friday, and then back home. Saturday is moving day, but Sunday morning, I'll tell you--I'm going to on her like white on rice. That wedding is most certainly not going to be ruined on my account!

I need my beauty sleep. That workout tuckered me out (in a good way).


Anonymous Jen said...

OMG...you went to WALES?! That's freaking awesome.
OMG...you're getting a house?! That's equally awesome, on many levels.
OMG...I know what you're talking about "bad Canadian" vs "good Canadian"...I'd have to say that you are one of the Canadians who make me re-assess my assessment of "All Canadians"...because let's face it...some of them are just straight-up rude. You make me think it's a guy thing...but who knows, it might be a girl thing too. Most guys that I know who're Canadian are pompous pricks. I'm not saying that to diss the entire country, it's just an observation. I'm not saying they're not rampant in my neck of the woods, either.

Which reminds me... it's really cool that there's an actual "neck o' the woods" I guess...town somewhere in CA. It just sounds awesome. My dad loves CA, and he always watched this fishing show. This girl would always get really excited about the fish they caught, and she'd go "HOLY MOSES HE'S GOT IT!!!!!" like someone just won the lottery or something...anyway...not sure why I'm telling you all of this.

Have fun moving! :)

P.S: I've got a new blog, too. I've linked it, and I'll link your site again as well.

July 29, 2010 at 1:21 PM  
Anonymous Jen(again) said...

Oops, I just realized that fishing-girl thing didn't make sense...What I meant to include was that they were always in the "Neck o The Woods"...wait, maybe it's "Lake o' The woods"...in which case, I feel like an idiiot. But anyway...at least I'm admitting it! lol

July 29, 2010 at 1:23 PM  
Anonymous lucy said...

JADE making a cake?!?! That's so bomb! I would love to see it!
I have never been to a wedding, but that sounds like a lot of work for you too.

Your girls night in sort of deal sounds so much fun!!! I love things like that.

And I'm sorry to hear about one unsatisfied blend challenger on FLR blends... that sucks I'm sorry. And I'm sorry I keep forgetting too...hahaa please don't come after me, don't want to know the wrath of Jade!!

July 29, 2010 at 6:38 PM  

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