Friday, August 20, 2010

Pardon me while I brace myself...

...because tomorrow is my friend's birthday and the party is at my place. And there is going to be an awful lot of young people arriving at my house with sickening amounts of alcohol. The playlist even consists of the most blatant dance music possible (think Sexy Back and In Da Club), so I've a feeling this is going to get...interesting. But hey, if it turns out to be my first glorified kegger, at least it'll be an experience.

I've made industrial quantities of food to feed the army that's going to be here tomorrow, but I've a feeling we won't need it because we'll be having a liquid supper. Anyone who wants to come over for dinner on Sunday to help me eat the leftovers is more than welcome. Ha.

You know, I've been trying to find someone to rent the extra room in my house to, and I've had a couple of decent people contact me. It's pretty exciting, really. What's not exciting is the creepy old man who contacted me to arrange a viewing. (Did my skin crawl? You bet.)

That being said, I do have a random woman sleeping on my couch. It's a strange and long story, but if you want the short version, she was in dire need of a place to stay and I'm a nice person, apparently. (Who'd have thought it? Ha.) She's given me $100 for a week, which I think is reasonable, considering I didn't even expect to have anyone rent until September. Her week is over in the morning and she's found a place, so she'll be gone then.

To be honest, I'm a little relieved she's leaving. I thought I'd be happy to have company, because I've been living all alone since the 1st of August and I'd started feeling a little lonely. But she must be even more lonely than me or something, because she never stops talking. Ever. It takes me 2 hours to eat each meal because she just wants to talk for an hour after breakfast and dinner (she's gone every day for lunch) and I feel really mean and rude to just blow her off and walk away. I wanted to sit on my own couch and read the other night, because she was also reading at the kitchen table, and she still talked to me non-stop until I gave up on reading.

She's a very nice girl, but it will be much quieter without her.

Wish me luck for tomorrow!


Anonymous Jen said...

Good luck! That musics sounds like something I'd drunkenly heckle...being the music-connoisseur that I am while under the influence of the ol' Cap'n Morgan lol.

At least she didn't steal anything from you....let's hope not! Did you give her a key? Because...that might be problematic in the future too... yeah, I've become the doomsayer now a days lol... that's what happens when life's uneventful, you think all of a sudden it'll get there really fast, in an unfortunate way.

August 23, 2010 at 4:56 PM  

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