Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm in love.

With my new place, that is.

I moved in on Saturday, more or less without a hitch. My friends are amazing. I bought them lunch because I wanted to do something for them as a "thank you" but it just didn't do them justice. They're just so awesome.

I'm still unpacking, but only in my room. The kitchen and living/dining room are all under control and I've even got my cable and internet and phone and such hooked up. I was without internet and phone (and cable, but I don't watch TV--it's just for my roommate) for almost 4 days. It's amazing how disconnected from the world, even your real-life world, you feel when you don't have a phone and internet. I didn't talk to my mother for 3 days and she lives a 15-minute drive away. By the third I had to visit, so I went over unannounced and almost missed her! All this to say: internet and phone, I love you!

Girls' night is tonight at my new place! I made some veggie chili (one of my friends is a vegetarian) and it smells divine. It's the first time I made it and I didn't use a recipe, so I'm glad it smells so good!

Speaking of vegetarians, I'm almost becoming one lately. I've been to the grocery twice and both times I got quite a lot of stuff, and neither time did I buy meat. The closest thing I have is canned tuna fish, and that's because it's cheap and good for sandwiches. Mostly, I've been eating eggs and nuts and beans for protein, which is healthy enough that I should be pretty proud of myself, really.

Yesterday I got this brilliant idea. There's a grocery about a 15-minute walk from my house and they have President's Choice stuff (it's like a generic brand but better, and they have PC Points and stuff). I have a PC bank account, so if I pay with my debit card then I get PC Points, which eventually get you free groceries and such. Pretty straightforward, right? Well, I got a coupon a few days ago that said if I spent over $100 on groceries there and pay with my PC bank card, I got 10,000 bonus PC Points. My brainy idea was to write down everything I need and get it all in large quantities so that I'm all set for a while, and that way it would be over $100 but worth it. The only problem is that I don't have a car. So I set off with my backpack and 3 cloth grocery bags and went through the grocery and got huge things (among them was a 22lb bag of flour). I worked out everything in my head and it turns out that all together, I ended up getting about 80lbs of food to lug home. Needless to say, the usual 15-minute walk became more like 30 minutes because I had to stop and put everything down every 20 yards because I was sure I'd drop it all otherwise!

It was a workout and a half and I didn't die, so it's all good. The funny thing is that I was sweating buckets because it was so hot (attractive, I know), and the second I got home and inside it started to rain! I would complain, but the fact of the matter is that the whole thing was my own doing. And in hindsight it's hysterical.

There's nothing I'd change about my new place, really. I'm in love.


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